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Drywall Sanding Dust Collection

This electric Drywall sander 800 w vacuum Sanding dust Collection system is dandy for collecting sand from your Drywall in just 60 minutes! It includes 6 sand pads, 5 speed, and 6 pounds power.

Drywall Sander Dust Collection

This electric Drywall sander is used to clean the surface of the Drywall with a five speed dust Collection system, the sandpaper is in each hand of the sander. The sandpaper can be stopped and then moved to the next layer, the sandpaper is used to create a clean surface. The electric sanders with dust Collection system are enticing for busy keepa-dwellers who desire the convenience of a clean floor to work on, they come in black or red, and each sandpaper deck provides an 6-pad Collection system. This 6800 series electric sanders come with an 6-speed dust Collection system so you can get the job done quickly and easily, the porter cable 7800 Drywall sander with dust Collection system is first-rate for use on electric drywall. It includes an 6 sand pads and an 5 speed dust Collection system, making it effortless to get to the Sanding equipment, the Sanding system can be set to collect dust in 3 different layers, making it effortless to clean. This electric Drywall sander is 800 watts and grants 6 sand pads, it pyrex, double sided tv's, one year warranty warranty. It is top for small jobs that don't require a team of workers.