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Overarm Dust Collection

This Overarm dust Collection is excellent for when you need a quick and effortless alternative to clear away all your dust! The 48-in-charm is heavy duty and will last long on your part and it comes with a strong and sturdy foundation.

Sawstop Overhead Dust Collection

Sawstop Overarm dust Collection assembly is an innovative design that allows you to collect overhead dust and prometheus-approved components without having to remove everything at once, this assembly includes the Overarm dust Collection arm, Overarm filter, and armor. The arm is able to collect over an 8" diameter hole, and the filter is able to collect over an 100 maa hole, the sawstop over-arm dust Collection assembly is a device that helps to Collection over- arm dust and blood from the arms pitched in to the saws. It is a self-contained system that you carry with you when you go to collect your next cut, this Overarm dust Collection is dandy for when you need a quick and effortless surrogate to take care of the messes that come with over-arm cleaning. The assembly is high-quality, made from durable materials, and it can be easily attached to the wall by means of an earnie screw, this over-arm dust Collection assembly is splendid for collecting arm dents and oils. The assembly is heavy-duty, and will last long with our continued use.