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Shop Vac Dust Collection Kit

The Shop Collection Kit comes with an 1-14 ft vacuum hose and an 10 ft dry hose, it includes a vacuum kit, wet dry shop, and plastic fittings to create a variety of dust and pet hair Collection hose options. The Kit also includes an instructional booklet and 5 years of limited warranty.

Shop Vac Dust Collection Kit Ebay

The Shop Vac wood dust Collection Kit is prime for lovers digging to collect all the class a dust particles from the garden, the Collection case is filled with facile to find products for the gardening community. The Kit comes with a dustbin, clamps, and adapter for both the Shop Vac and other vacuum cleaner bits, the clamps are helpful for trapping the particles and the adapter allows the use of different vacuum cleaners with the kit. Overall, dust Collection hose 1-1/4" x 10 ft vacuum Kit wet dry Shop Vac plastic is a facile to handle and simple dust Collection system that is outstanding for the gardening community, this Shop vacuum dust Collection Kit includes 1-14 x 10 ft. Of vacuum hose for cleaning up your shop, the plastic fittings make it uncomplicated to colors and it's facile to take care of. This Shop Vac dust Collection Kit includes one 14 ft hose and one 10 ft hose, it can be used to Collection dust and other debris from any shop. The bag banana style filter is designed to clean Shop floors and countertop, this Shop Vac dust Collection Kit is basic to handle and is superb for any Shop with a large amount of debris. The Shop Vac dust Collection Kit comes with an 1-14 x10-ft, vacuum hose and plastic fittings. This Kit can be used to clean dust and any other the Kit also includes a crevice tool and a tool for cleaning between areas.